Direct Primary Care is a model for the delivery of primary care in which patients contract directly with their physician for a low monthly fee.

By contracting with patients directly rather than with insurance companies, physicians can reduce their administrative costs and transmit the cost savings on to you, the patient.

With Direct Primary Care, the physician’s workday is centered around being accessible and spending time with patients, rather than rushing through a high patient volume, the fee for service clinic schedule. The Direct Primary Care Model leads to a better relationship with your doctor, better communication, and improved delivery of health care.

Ages 15 years and up:

Membership Fee: $60 per month per member.

Registration Fee: $150 (one time fee only)

If you value having a personalized relationship with your doctor and want improved access to care when you need it, DPC is for you.

By preserving access, we aim to reduce Urgent Care Visits, Emergency Room visits, and hospitalizations. Even in the primary care setting a traditional fee-for-service model may require patients to come in more frequently which may result in additional co-pays or out-of-pocket costs depending on your deductible. In the Direct Primary Care model, the physician is motivated to deliver care however the situation is served best. This may be through a phone call, secure e-messaging, virtual visit or in person. In any case, there are no unforeseen costs. All forms of an office visit are included in the monthly fee.

No. We recommend patients to have insurance, but to utilize insurance for unforeseen medical expenses due to a significant health care need outside the realm of primary care (e.g., surgery, hospitalization).

We understand that patients have many options. We realize that insurance is necessary in the event of unforeseen medical expenses. Most doctors on your insurance plan will practice in a fee-for-service model which places pressure on the physician to see more patients which decreases the amount of time spent with each patient. Direct Primary Care ensures access to a physician and health care team who know you and are vested in your health.

Even healthy people can benefit from having a relationship with a doctor. At times, you may have a question about your health, you may need a screening test, or you may have an acute illness or injury. When you least expect it you may find the value in having access to a physician who can provide access. If you can avoid a trip to the emergency room or urgent care center, the cost savings will add up over time.

Yes. Direct Primary Care doctors opt-out of Medicare, which simply means that we do not bill Medicare for any services provided to the patient. Patients with Medicare who choose a DPC doctor will need to contract with their doctor directly.

We recommend you check with your accountant and your individual FSA/HSA regarding your individual policy.

Your DPC physician can order labs, imaging, and refer you to specialists. You may choose to have these done under your insurance, but with contract pricing through your Direct Primary Care Practice, you may be able to get some of these services at lower costs than even with your insurance. If you have an HMO that requires any orders to be done through an in-network provider, you may need to discuss this with a physician on your plan.

The Direct Primary Care Model relies on removing the pressures associated with fee-for-service. In order to preserve the accessibility that Direct Primary Care promotes we avoid the fee-for-service schedule.

If you have a doctor through your insurance and you are perfectly happy with your access and quality of care, you are fortunate. If you have ever felt the appointment times to be limited or that your office visit felt rushed, then consider a physician who practices direct primary care.

While both models charge a monthly fee, Direct Primary Care monthly fees are typically less than a concierge practice.